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This work is by several students, collected over the years. The work is was completed under my supervision and produced for various courses and at different academic levels. 

Hura Brand Identitiy.png

Fashion Brand - Branding System Maha Al Marzouqi


What is Graphic Design - Poster Design

Rasha Wehbe

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 3.43.38 PM.png

Tea Packaging - Packaging Design

Sharanya Kunnath

Typeface Advertising - Typography

Zain Khoury

Event Branding and Promotion - Branding and Advertising - Sharanya Kunnath

TTL Campaign with multiple executions: print, social media, direct mailers and packaging system - Art Direction - Fatma Al Suwaidi


Campaign for Angel Appeal (supporting sea farers

Heela Daudzai - First Place Winner at Dubai Lynx Student Competition, 2017

Integrated Campaign (Conception, execution, production and presentation) - Capstone Project - Fatma Al Suwaidi

Students had a set theme, Resolve, to work on. They had to identify their own problem and solve it.

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